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Attendance & Absences

Report an Absence

Use the SchoolPass app (preferred method) to notify the school of absences. Parents/guardians can download the SchoolPass app on their mobile device. Please include the reason for the absence in the comments section.

Need help? Contact the Family Support Help Desk at 651-351-8404 or



Attendance Phone Lines

Afton-Lakeland: 651-351-6560
Andersen: 651-351-6601
Brookview: 651-275-2501
Lake Elmo: 651-351-6701
Lily Lake: 651-351-6810
Rutherford: 651-351-6401
Stonebridge: 651-351-8701
Oak-Land Middle School: 651-351-8555
Stillwater Middle School: 651-351-6900
Stillwater Area High School and ALC:
651-351-8000 (all day absence)
651-351-8011 (partial day)

When calling the Attendance Line, include:

  • Child's first and last name
  • Spelling of the last name
  • Grade
  • Date
  • Reason for absence
  • Return name and phone number