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Mathematics concepts assessed in Fifth Grade 

Mathematics concepts assessed in Fifth Grade include:

Number and Operations

Divide multi-digit numbers. Solve real-world and mathematical problems requiring addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of multidigit whole numbers. For example: The calculation 117 ÷ 9 = 13 can be checked by multiplying 9 and 13. Order fractions and decimals, including mixed numbers and improper fractions, and locate on a number line. Read and write decimals using place value to describe decimals in terms of groups from millionths to millions.


Represent real-world situations using equations and inequalities involving variables. Create real-world situations corresponding to equations and inequalities. For example: 250 – 27 × a = b can be used to represent the number of sheets of paper remaining from a packet of 250 sheets when each student in a class of 27 is given a certain number of sheets.

Geometry and Measurement

Describe and classify three-dimensional figures including cubes, prisms and pyramids by the number of edges, faces or vertices as well as the types of faces. Determine the area of triangles and quadrilaterals; determine the surface area and volume of rectangular prisms in various contexts

Data Analysis

Know and use the definitions of the mean, median and range of a set of data. Know how to use a spreadsheet to find the mean, median and range of a data set. Create and analyze double-bar graphs and line graphs by applying understanding of whole numbers, fractions and decimals. Know how to create spreadsheet tables and graphs to display data.

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