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Social Studies concepts assessed in Fifth Grade

Social Studies concepts assessed in Fifth Grade include

(note: not all areas are assessed in a single semester; topics are classroom dependent):

Citizenship and Government

Understanding the Constitution, Bill of Rights, primary functions of the three branches of government, checks and balances, limits of power, and individual rights, types of taxes collected and what services they provide; Understanding civic engagement through the lens of historically significant people during the Revolutionary War; using understandings to identify a local problem, analyzing it through different lenses, and creating a plan.


Understanding historical thinking; American history from pre-European contact through post-Revolutionary government


American Colonies: identifying and locating colonies, understanding physical and human characteristics that influenced settlement and land use


Applying PACED decision making model (problem, alternatives, criteria, evaluate, decision) to historical events; understanding profit, revenue, cost, income, and saving and apply to historical entrepreneurs like explorers and traders


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  • Grade 5