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Links and information to help you with the application process.

Students should plan to apply EARLY in the school year.  Students and families are ultimately responsible for checking with each college to make sure their application file is complete.

Step One: Fill out the application

Colleges and universities prefer that students apply online.  Go to the college’s website to complete and submit your application. 

Step Two: Counselor Section or School Report

In most cases these will be sent to your counselor electronically. You shouldn't need to print out the counselor section (sometimes referred to as the school report). The counselor will complete the form and send it directly to the college or university. Please follow up with your counselor to ensure this has been completed. 

Step Three: Request letters of recommendation if necessary

Check to see if you need to submit letters of recommendation (this is not necessary in all cases - the application will indicate if this is required). If a school requires two letters, you should send no more than two.

  1. Fill out a Request for Recommendation Form found HERE. You will be asked if you would like to make a copy of the Request for Recommendation outline.  Click "Make Copy" and complete the form.
  2. Once you have completed the Recommendation Form, be sure to rename it to "Your Name - Request for Letter of Recommendation".
  3. You may then 'share' your completed form with anyone of your choosing; We recommend giving only "view" rights to those you send this to.
  4. Give your teacher a stamped envelope addressed to the college. Some recommendations can be submitted electronically and do not require an envelope (for example - The Common Application).
  5. Let your teacher know when you need the letter sent.  Teachers and counselors require at least two weeks notice. 
  6. The teacher will send the letter directly to the college or university.

Step Four: Transcripts/Test Scores

Current SAHS students should use Parchment to request transcripts by clicking on this link: 

Your transcript does NOT include testing scores. Contact or directly to have your ACT or SAT scores sent to the school of your choice.

The Common Application

University of WI System

University of MN System

MN Private School System

MN State University System


Request For Recommendation

Free Application Opportunities

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