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Check out all of the elective courses available.

Choose a total of four semesters of electives

Art Studio - 1 Semester

Eighth Grade Art is a semester-long class for students who wish to explore the Arts and Art History more deeply. Students will build upon their prior knowledge. Using the Elements and Principles of Design, they will  further develop their drawing skills, create original paintings, and design dynamic sculptures in various media. They will continue to learn about art movements and periods, and important artists of the past and present. Each semester will offer different creative projects. This course may be taken twice.

Lifetime Fitness - 1 Semester

This course offers a variety of options and fun activities including: lifetime, recreational, team and individual sports.  The focus will be on daily active participation. Emphasis will be placed on advanced skills, strategies and team play.  Enhanced activities, tournaments and competitions will be included.  Potential units are: speedball, team handball, softball, track/field, lacrosse, basketball, touch football and a mixture of other team and individual sports and activities.

Public and Performance Speaking - 1 Semester

This is a course designed to teach students effective persuasive and theatrical speaking skills through the preparation and presentation of a variety of speeches, debates, and theatrical scenes. This class may be taken twice.

Design and Make - 1 Semester

Design and make is a project based course that allows students to apply the skills they acquire in design and modeling and automation and robotics to a topic of interest or passion using varied technologies and mediums.  This class may be taken twice.

Band - Full year (2 Semesters)

The Stillwater Band Department is an award winning and highly respected program of ensembles ranging from the beginners in our elementary schools through collegiate- level experiences at our senior high school.  Students in the 8th Grade Band will continue to develop the fundamentals of large group band rehearsal and performance, including performance of authentic and challenging literature in a variety of styles and from different cultures. Students will continue to develop instrumental and expressive technique using a variety of approaches including individualized instruction designed to target student strengths and challenges, performance assessment, technology, self and peer analysis, etc. Opportunities for performances outside of school, touring, and the exploration of color instruments and their important roles in the advancing instrumental ensemble are an integral part of the students’ experience. Consistent practice is needed to be able to progress at the level of the group. Students will be expected to participate in daytime and evening performances and the Solo and Ensemble Festival.

Choir 8 - Full year (2 Semesters)

In this choral performance class, students will work toward becoming independent musicians. Music reading skills, vocal performance skills, correct singing techniques and choral skills will be developed through the study of music from a variety of cultures, styles and time periods. Students will continue to improve music reading skills, perform quality middle level literature with thoughtful expression and age- appropriate skill, demonstrate knowledge of correct singing technique and participate cooperatively and effectively in large and small ensembles. Students will perform in winter and spring concerts and tour in the spring. The biggest event of the year is the Choral Clinic Festival in March when a clinician from outside the district is invited to work with the choirs for two days. This culminates in a concert in which all the choirs perform. 

Orchestra - Full year (2 Semesters)

Students will to continue to expand their abilities within vibrato, shifting, note reading in position, theory (written work) and rhythmic independence. Students will work towards mastery in the development of tone quality, bowing techniques and flexibility, and intonation (pitch awareness and accuracy). Students will be introduced and/or continue to develop skills of musical expression (style and phrasing) through the development of advancing articulations, control of bow speed and bow placement. Students will participate in the MNSOTA middle level orchestra festival. Please contact teacher for additional information. 

Spanish Level I – Full year (2 Semesters)

¡Bienvenidos! The focus of Spanish Level I is to build the basic foundation for success in subsequent levels. By the end of Spanish Level I students will be able to ask and answer simple questions on familiar/personal topics, understand carefully constructed speech that is sympathetic to the needs of non-native speakers, read passages about familiar topics, give personal information, write using learned phrases and memorized expressions, and have a basic understanding of cultures in Spanish- speaking countries. Topics that will be covered include; introductions, room vocabulary, school classes and supplies, what you do in your free-time, family, and foods.

French I – Full year (2 Semesters)

Bonjour! Students will begin to communicate in French through a variety of lively classroom activities such as conversations, skits and role plays in partner and group settings. Students will describe their everyday lives, families, likes and dislikes, and they will explore diverse cultures. The course will be taught in French as much as possible.

Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) – Full year (2 Semesters)

Advancement via Individual Determination (AVID) is a college preparatory program designed to increase the number of students who are eligible for admission to universities and four-year private colleges. Students receive two hours of instruction per week in college entry skills, two hours per week in tutor led study groups, and one hour per week in motivational activities and academic survival skills. In AVID, students participate in activities that incorporate strategies focused on writing, inquiry, collaboration, organization and reading to support their growth academically. 

AVID is for students with academic potential who have average to high test scores, 2.0 - 3.5 GPA, and the desire and determination to be successful. Students must go through an application process and be approved by the AVID site team in order to take the class.

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