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Prerequisite: Pre-Algebra
Algebra is a year-long course that is intended to cover the MN Standards for Algebra. Semester one includes an introduction to algebra, operations, equations, linear introduction, and linear applications. Semester two includes inequalities, absolute value, linear systems, exponents, and radicals. 


Prerequisite: Algebra
Students in Geometry will explore the characteristics of geometric figures in two-dimensions including: area, transformations, measurement, and congruence. Students will also use logic and reasoning to prove geometric theorems, corollaries, and properties. Properties of shape, location, measurement, and algebra will be used to justify reasoning in a logical argument. Students will also explore the characteristics of three-dimensional objects including the concepts of surface area and volume. Right triangle trigonometry will also be introduced.

Algebra 2

Prerequisite: Geometry
Students will explore linear, quadratic and exponential functions, including function operations in multiple forms and transformations. Translating between numerical, tabular, graphical and real world situations will be emphasized, as will studying polynomial operations and complex numbers and their operations along with the properties of rational exponents.  Students will investigate arithmetic, geometric and infinite sequences and series.  By the end of the course students will have learned how to solve quadratic equations and inequalities, exponential equations, systems of inequalities, and absolute value inequalities. Students will also learn to analyze data, find correlations, and make predictions. Additionally, students will calculate measures of center and regression lines, display data in multiple formats, and explore probability and counting methods. Graphing technology will be used throughout the course.  

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