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Check out the music elective options available to students in grade 7.

Students will take a full year of their music elective. This will alternate every other day with the required physical education course.

General Music 7 - Full year, every other day

General music is a non-performance based music class which will teach students how to listen to, describe, and experience  music in a historical and cultural context using vocabulary and concepts specific to the art of music, as well as understand the fundamental process of creating music and musical structure.

Choir 7 - Full year, every other day

In this choral performance class, students will work toward becoming independent musicians. Students will use the musical language of solfege to read music. Vocal performance skills, correct singing techniques and choral skills will be developed through the study of music from a variety of cultures, styles and time periods. Students will perform quality middle level literature with thoughtful expression and age-appropriate skill, demonstrate knowledge of correct singing technique and participate cooperatively and effectively in large and small ensembles. Various evening and daytime performances will be required as part of the course.

Band 7 - Full year, every other day

Prerequisite: Participation in 6th Grade band or the equivalent. 
The Stillwater Band Department is an award winning and highly respected program of ensembles ranging from the beginners in our elementary schools through collegiate- level experiences at our senior high school. Students in this instrumental performance class will continue their study of musicianship by learning and performing authentic and challenging literature in a variety of styles and from different cultures.  Grade 7 Band focuses on advancing note and rhythm reading skills as well as expanding their ability to create and express music. Musicians will demonstrate their knowledge of correct instrument technique and their understanding of their role in the instrumental ensemble. Consistent practice outside of the school day will insure progress at the level of the group. Students will be expected to perform in daytime and evening performances.  

Orchestra 7 - Full year, every other day

Prerequisite: Participation in 6th grade orchestra
Students will continue to expand their abilities of note reading, rhythmic understanding, and counting both through written work and performance. Students will work toward mastery in the development of tone quality, bowing techniques and flexibility, and intonation (pitch awareness and accuracy). Students will be introduced and/or continue to develop vibrato and shifting skills. Students will continue to evolve in the awareness and execution of the importance of correct position for optimum results. 

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