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Check out the exploratory courses students will take.

Students will access four quarter-long courses designed to explore various topics and interests, from robotics to art and more.

Art 7 - 1 Quarter

Seventh Grade Art is an opportunity to extend the experiences from Art 6 (drawing, painting, printmaking, and clay). In seventh grade, students will work with the Elements and Principles of Design to create more sophisticated two-dimensional and three-dimensional projects. In addition, students study the work of important artists of the past and present. Applying these concepts and skills to their own work is an integral part of this class.

Health 7 - 1 Quarter

This course builds off the  6th grade  health course and continues to deepen students understanding of health concepts, behaviors, and skills that reduce health risks and enhance the health and well-being of self and others, to set personal health goals, and to evaluate health information, products, services, and the effects of health behaviors on the community.  

Middle School Success II - 1 Quarter

Middle School Success II is taken in the 3rd or 4th quarter of a student’s 7th grade year. This course reinforces the study, note-taking, and organizational skills students have already learned. In this project-based course students will also collaborate on project-based assignments that help them look at their role as a global citizen. Students in this course will have exposure to different cultures and languages as part of their exploration of personal success in and out of the classroom.

Automation & Robotics - 1 Quarter

Students trace the history, development, and influence of automation and robotics. They learn about mechanical systems, energy transfer, machine automation and computer control systems. Students use a robust robotics platform to design, build, and program a solution to solve an existing problem.

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