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Check out descriptions of science courses offered.

Science 8 - Earth Science

Earth Science is a course designed to investigate general chemistry topics, minerals, rocks, plate tectonics, climate, meteorology and astronomy.  Students will study and explore topics using small and large group discussions, hands on projects and labs, interactive computer simulations, technology, engineering and math.  This course will help prepare students to be knowledgeable stewards of the Earth.

Physical Science

Prerequisite:  LEaP Science
Students will evaluate interactions between Chemistry, Physics, and select principles of Earth Science encountered in everyday activities. This course focuses heavily on experimental skills, utilizing formal lab procedures and scientific lab write-ups.  The experimental process uses a variety of technical writing approaches and includes an introduction to a variety of engineering concepts. Integrated within the course are activities that utilize up-to-date technology and tools, ie, motion sensors for laboratory work and internet-based research for real-life applications.  Also as part of the course, students will gain a familiarity and proficiency with standard lab equipment.  They will demonstrate this proficiency by completing a science fair projects and the sludge lab.  Student focal points in chemistry are: properties and states of matter; atomic structure and the use of the periodic table; chemical bonds and chemical reactions; and nuclear chemistry. Student focal points in physics are: the basic fundamentals of forces and motion; work, power, and energy; with explorations in sound, the electromagnetic spectrum, electricity, and magnetism.

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