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Learn about the interventions in place to support students in the areas of math and reading.

When our students need a little extra help, we're here to support them. We offer a variety of interventions to help our students become successful in both reading and math

Our Multi Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) framework helps us meet every child where they are.

  • All students receive core instruction and support through the classroom, known as Tier One or Universal Support.
  • Some students need additional instruction and support, which is referred to as Tier Two.
  • A small cohort of students receive the most intensive intervention and supports, known as Tier Three.
  • This tiered system is used for academic supports as well as behavioral, social and emotional support.

Reading Intervention

We work with each child individually to understand their unique needs and create a plan specific to them. Instead of pulling kids out for special services, we prefer to keep kids in the classroom with their peers as much as possible. For Tier 1 and Tier 2 supports we use the PRESS intervention curriculum. Learn more: University of Minnesota's Center for Reading Research.

In the event that a student demonstrates need beyond Tier I and Tier II reading interventions, reading interventionists will contact parents or guardians to discuss placement in a Tier III small-group, pull-out intervention through Read with Me or Title I Reading services. Each fall, our highly qualified reading staff assesses students and reviews data to determine need for intervention. Those students whose test scores indicate the greatest need for reading intervention will be offered the opportunity to participate in Read With Me. In the case that a student qualifies for services, Read with Me staff will contact parents or guardians to discuss placement. For more information on the curriculum used for Tier III intervention, please visit the Leveled Literacy Intervention overview

Math Intervention

Elementary math interventionists run pull-out, small-group, math intervention for those students who demonstrate the greatest need. In the event that your student is identified for placement in this program, a math interventionist will contact you to discuss placement. Learn more about the Mathletics Curriculum.

Questions? Contact Caleb Drexler Booth-Director of Teaching and Learning at

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