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High School

Big Opportunities, Personalized

Stillwater Area High School is a comprehensive high school that provides incredible opportunities to our students - from nationally recognized music to unique hands-on science courses.

Something for everyone

Our students can choose from nearly 100 elective courses and can also enroll in more than 20 pre-college  courses, which allows them to earn more than two years of college credit while still in high school. Not to mention the more than 25 varsity sports and 45 student clubs that keep our students active and engaged after the school day is over.

Big building, small and caring community

Our school looks big on the outside, but on the inside we've intentionally made it feel small and welcoming. We've created learning communities that help students connect with their peers and their teachers. We know our kids - their successes and their struggles - and we support them through school and life.


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“We learn not for school but for life” is more than just our school motto. It’s our mission to help prepare you for a meaningful and enjoyable life beyond Stillwater Area High School - wherever your path leads you!

Pony mascot greets ninth grader

Putting Students First

Even before the first day of school, we do all we can to support our students.

  • Link Crew orientation program: We welcome ninth graders and help them get familiar with the building and meet new friends. 
  • Building Assets, Reducing Risk (BARR): We pair a core group of three teachers with a small group of students to support them through the first two years of high school.
Student visits with a Peer Helper

Personalizing Learning

We give students Flex Time during the week to use in the way that best fits their needs. For some it may be used for interventions or tutoring. Others might use the time for catching up on course work or collaborating on a group project.

  • Flex Time is more structured for freshman and sophomores –focused on orientation to the school culture and academic planning.
  • Junior and seniors have more flexible time to self-select their focus.
Student puts a pin on map to show college choice

Planning For The Future

We know kids learn best when they are learning about things that interest them, and that they perform better when they can see the connection between the classroom and the real world.

Our Pathways program helps students better understand their career options. We give them hands-on experience in a variety of areas so they leave high school ready for employment, a technical program, associate degree, certification, four-year college degree or the military.

Pathways & Possibilities

In addition to taking required core courses like math, science, social studies, physical education and language arts, our students can also choose to select from a variety of elective courses in one of four pathway areas. 

Within each pathway students can dig deeper into a particular area of interest. Each program includes introductory classes all the way to advanced level courses that could earn students college credit or even an industry certification or degree. There are also Universal Electives options.

Arts & Communication with music and projection symbol


Fine Arts


Performing Arts

Visual Communications




business with world icon


Accounting & Finance






health sciences & human services with hands holding heart icon



Exercise Science


Social Sciences


stem & environment with green sprocket


Animal Science

Computer Sciences


Manufacturing & Construction

Natural Resources & Earth Sciences

Building Partnerships

Stillwater Area High School's Career Project is a platform for developing the workforce of the future. It provides ways for students to explore who they are and what they want in a career. It's also a way for employers who face a labor and skills shortage to provide expertise and experiential learning activities to the next generation of workers. 

Are you interested in changing lives? We are looking to build even more partnerships between our students and local businesses. Add value to your organization and our kids!

By connecting adults with expertise and wisdom to share with mentees –  we can all begin to close the skills gap dramatically and better prepare youth for 21st century jobs.

– Patty Alper,

Author of Teach to Work


“As a former high school math teacher, I understand the need for students to see relevance in their work. The skills of customer service and working with “live ammo” is invaluable and hard to replicate in the classroom.” 

- Judd Sather, 

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