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Middle School

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A safe place for students to explore possibilities

Middle school represents a unique time in our students’ lives when they are growing and developing in all areas. In addition to all of the physical, emotional and social changes students are going through, we also know they are keenly aware and sensitive to fitting in and finding the right path.

We get middle schoolers. We understand their unique needs. Our staff are experts in more than just the content they teach. We are committed to providing learning experiences that are developmentally responsive, challenging, empowering, equitable and a whole lot of fun!

Students explore a variety of interests in hands-on and engaging ways. Whenever possible, subject areas (like science and art or social studies and math) are integrated to provide relevant, real-world experiences both inside and outside of the classroom.

Our students build relationships with their teachers and peers while acquiring skills such as self-advocacy, organization, time management, communication, and effective study strategies.

“Teachers have shown a true desire to invest in each student and offer any additional personalization that may be necessary. Building relationships like this between students and staff is sure to guarantee success in all areas!”

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Caring Relationships

Students get to know one another and develop meaningful relationships with staff through things like:

  • Where Everyone Belongs (WEB) student mentor and anti-bullying program for sixth graders
  • Community building activities within Advisory classes
  • The teaming of teachers and students into smaller learning communities
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Personalized Learning

Teachers get to know each student and work to engage them in learning by understanding their personal strengths and passions. 

Students can also select from a variety of courses that spark their interest.

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Real-World Experiences

Whether in the classroom or beyond, we want to make make school relevant for our students.

More than 60% of our students participate in activities beyond the school day - from music and drama to math club and robotics.

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“I appreciate the content, as well as the fact that my children are allowed to progress at a faster rate than others in the same class. This keeps them motivated and engaged."