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A New Andersen Elementary

Andersen replacement concept

A successful bond would provide funds to replace Andersen Elementary (originally built in 1919) with a larger, modern facility. While an exact location has not yet been determined, district officials are working with the City of Bayport to find a site within the city limits. Additional sites further south in Baytown Township are also being considered, but the purchase of any land would be contingent on passage of the bond.

Why a new Andersen Elementary?

  • As the smallest elementary school in the district, Andersen is already near capacity and enrollment is expected to grow by about 100 students in the next 10 years. Afton-Lakeland Elementary, just to the south, is also near capacity and expected to grow by about 100 students as well. 
  • Its small size creates staffing inefficiencies; and some staff has to be shared between buildings

  • Andersen Elementary is more than 100 years old and has numerous deferred maintenance needs

  • The traditional-style building is outdated and doesn’t meet the needs of today’s learners

  • There are no flexible learning spaces, and limited Special Education and student services spaces and spaces for music, art, media, physical education

  • The campus is undersized. Per the Minnesota Department of Education guidelines, the school should have a 14-19 acre site, but the current school sits on just 1.4 acres

  • The current site offers no green space for outdoor learning or recreation, and students must cross a busy highway to access fields for physical education classes. The city of Bayport has been a wonderful partner by providing land for the school's playground and granting the school with access to its Village Green and Perro Creek Park.

  • The site provides limited parking, and it's location on Highway 95 creates traffic issues before and after school. 

Did You Know? Andersen is the oldest building in the district and also the smallest of all 7 elementary schools

What a new school would provide:

  • Increased capacity to address growth at Andersen, as well as relieve pressure at Afton-Lakeland
  • Staffing efficiencies and less turnover of shared staff 
  • Flexible learning spaces and modern learning environments
  • Designated specialist spaces for music, media, art and special education 
  • Larger gymnasium, cafeteria and other community/gathering spaces
  • Larger campus with access to playing fields and green space and improved/safer traffic flow

School Tour

teacher and student

School has changed

Since Andersen was built in 1919, a lot has changed. Modern schools are designed to adapt to meet the needs of every individual student. They include things like:

  • Individual workspaces

  • Small group spaces

  • Private spaces for kids to receive one-to-one support

  • Collaboration spaces

  • Large group presentation areas

  • Flexible classrooms

Proposed home of new Andersen Elementary

Proposed AN site

The district has a signed letter of intent to purchase a 10-acre parcel of land adjacent to Barker's Alps Park in Bayport. 

The district would build the new school on the parcel and partner with the city of Bayport for use of the park's fields and green space - similar to the agreement it has at its current location.

The purchase is contingent on the passage of the bond.