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Which school am I assigned to?

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Adam Mazzara 
Enrollment Processor
Phone: 651-351-8412
Fax: 651-351-8370

Enroll for next year (2022-2023)

Unsure which option to choose?

Enroll District Residents (K-12):  Use the "Find My School" button above to determine which school boundary your address falls into and which school your child will be attending. You will use this option if your address falls into our district boundaries and you wish to attend the school you are attached with.

District Residents (Alternate Enrollment): If you live within district boundaries but do not wish to attend the school your address is attached to, you may choose this to complete the Alternate Enrollment Form to apply for Alternate Enrollment. This process differs as there may be a waiting list to get into the school you choose, which does not guarantee a spot. More information regarding this can be found on the prior page.

Apply Non Resident Students (Open Enrollment): If your family resides outside of our district boundary, you may choose this option to fill out the Open Enrollment Form and return it to our Enrollment Processor, Adam Mazzara. This can be done via email or brought in to our District Office at 1875 Greeley Street South, Stillwater, MN 55082. Turning in this form does not guarantee that the student will be able to attend as enrollment will need to be approved and will be contingent on space availability. The student may be added onto a wait list.

More information regarding enrollment can be found on the prior page, or you may contact Adam Mazzara.