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A nation divided, a district united

Message from Superintendent Lansfeldt

Just over a week ago, protesters and rioters stormed our U.S. Capitol building. These events, and others that have been playing out in the days since, reinforce that our nation remains deeply divided. The divide has moved beyond spirited and raucous to violent and deadly. Stillwater Area Public Schools strongly condemns any acts of violence, racism, intolerance and discrimination. 

As a school district, it is essential to note that we will not carry on as if these events are not taking place. In times of crisis, we have the important role of directly addressing what is happening and to provide support for the students and families that we serve.

We are committed to supporting our students in learning coping and processing strategies, in developing the skills to do their own analysis, in distinguishing fact from fiction, in being empathetic and in seeking to uphold the rule of law. Our classrooms are spaces for students to explore, take risks, probe, stretch, and grow and it is our role to walk alongside them in this process. 

In facilitating these challenging conversations both at school and at home, vulnerability is key. It is OK to say “I don’t have the answers.” What our young people need most is a listening ear and an openness to consider and appreciate different perspectives.  

We are truly fortunate to have the most professional and compassionate staff in the business. They are all here to serve our kids and support them in any way possible. Please do not hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions, concerns or needs. Because when it comes to our children, we stand united. In Stillwater Area Public Schools, our students will always come first.

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