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Celebrating our 2023 retirees

Celebrating our 2023 retirees

Congratulations to the employees retiring from Stillwater Area Public Schools this school year.

We are grateful to each of these amazing individuals for all they have done to support our students and families throughout their careers. This year’s class of retirees represents teachers, paraprofessionals, custodians, nutrition services staff, and administrative support staff. In all of these roles, they’ve helped to build a warm and welcoming school community and have impacted the lives of countless students.

Please join us in thanking the following employees for making a difference in the lives of children and our community:

  • Kristine Anderson: Paraprofessional, Stillwater Middle School, 15 Years

  • June Blackwell: Paraprofessional, Oak-Land Middle School, 21 Years

  • Glenn Boettcher: Teacher, Stillwater Area High School, 34 Years

  • Cary Bolstorff: Teacher, Lake Elmo Elementary, 26 Years

  • Sonia Borg: Paraprofessional, Stillwater Area High School, 7 Years

  • Craig Cambronne: Custodian, Andersen Elementary, 17 Years

  • Eng Felyrose: Nutrition Services, Mahtomedi Middle School, 19 Years

  • Paula Harrison: Teacher, Stillwater Area High School, 28 Years

  • Mary Harycki: Teacher, Stillwater Area High School, 34 Years

  • Milissa Heidick: Paraprofessional, Lake Elmo Elementary, 10 Years

  • Marilyn Johnson: Paraprofessional, Rutherford Elementary, 13 Years

  • Todd Kapsner: Teacher, Stillwater Area High School, 32 Years

  • Carrie Kelley: Teacher, Lily Lake Elementary, 35 Years

  • Barb Kruse: Paraprofessional, Stonebridge Elementary, 36 Years

  • Jodi McGibbin: Paraprofessional, Bridge Transitions, 13 Years

  • Linda Moncrief: Admin Assistant, Central Services, 26 Years

  • Dale Olson: Custodian, 15 Years, Stillwater Middle School

  • Theresa Ostertag: Paraprofessional, Afton-Lakeland Elementary, 27 Years

  • Donald Swanson: Custodian, Rutherford Elementary, 22 Years

  • Andrea Vizenor: Teacher, Stillwater Middle School, 32 Years

  • Robin Vought: Teacher, Oak-Land Middle School, 34 Years

  • Andy Weaver: Teacher, Stillwater Area High School, 33 Years

  • Angie Weisbrod: Teacher, Lake Elmo and Rutherford Elementary, 21 Years

  • Laura Weld: Teacher, Stillwater Middle School, 18 Years

  • Colleen Welsh-Click: Paraprofessional, Andersen Elementary, 17 Years

  • Donna Williams: Teacher, Andersen Elementary, 24 years

  • Pamela Wohlers: Paraprofessional, Stillwater Area High School, 23 Years


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