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District looks to expand opportunities at the high school with a new schedule

District looks to expand opportunities at the high school with a new schedule

As the district looks to improve for the future, the school board is considering a change to the high school schedule. The current 6x2 schedule provides 6 class periods each day and 2 semesters - offering a total of 12 classes per year. The schedule, while cost-efficient, limits the number of electives students are able to take during their high school career. Students who participate in both music and world languages, for example, have no space in their schedule for additional electives. Families, students and staff have expressed frustration with the current schedule for many years.

The school board has directed high school staff to spend the next several months exploring different scheduling options that would address 3 key goals: Allow for students to explore more electives and opportunities; provide flexibility and time for both students and staff; and address students’ mental health needs. High school staff will have time this fall to study alternative schedules, gather feedback from students and families, and develop a recommendation to bring to the school board this winter.

Any changes to the high school schedule would not take effect until the 2024-2025 school year.

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