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Elementary students returning to school

Students in grades K-2, as well as students in many of our specialized programs, will be returning to school for in-person learning on January 27. Students in grades 3-5 will be joining us on February 10. As part of our slow roll-in plan, students will return to school four days per week and continue to learn from home on “C” days throughout the month of February. A full five day per week schedule will begin in March.

Return to school timeline:

  • Jan. 25 & 26: Transition Days - No school for K-5 “On the Dial” students.
  • NOTE: These remain regular school days for all 100% online learners and all middle and high school students.
  • Jan. 27: Return to school for grade K-2 students, site-based programs and ALC
  • Feb. 10: Return to school for grade 3-5 students 
  • March 1: On The Dial students in grades K-5 will return to school five days per week.

What a return to school will look like

We’ll be following the state’s latest guidelines and mitigation strategies to welcome back students and staff as safely as possible. As with our hybrid learning model, students will remain with their classroom cohort throughout the day to limit exposure to other students and staff. Many other protocols in place during hybrid learning will also remain - like regular cleaning and disinfecting of high touch areas and use of face coverings for all students and staff. In addition to masks, you’ll notice staff wearing face shields more often, and as an extra level of safety, we’ll be offering regular COVID-19 testing to our staff. 

Here’s a few things that will look different for in-person learning:

  • School buses will be running at or near capacity, which means some students may be paired up 2 or 3 to a seat. Windows on buses will be cracked to help with air flow, so students should bundle up on cold days.
  • Both A and B cohorts will be coming to school together, so classrooms will be more full. Whenever possible, 3 feet of physical distancing will be maintained between students.
  • Teachers and staff will maintain 6 feet of physical distancing with one another and with students, when possible.

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In Other News

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