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MCA scores dip slightly for Stillwater Area Public School students

MCA scores dip slightly for Stillwater Area Public School students

Minnesota Comprehensive Assessment (MCA) scores dipped slightly for Stillwater Area Public School students in 2023. This year’s results are on par with those from the 2021 school year.  

Although our students still exceed the state averages, the percentage of students proficient on the exams decreased from last year in all areas - reading, math and science. 

  • In reading, 56% of Stillwater students were proficient
  • In math, 55% of Stillwater students were proficient
  • In science 48% of Stillwater students were proficient 

“Test scores are an indicator of how well our education systems are performing,” said Dr. Mike Funk, superintendent. “Proper alignment of professional development and instruction that covers the state standards will result in improved outcomes for our students. Our focus this coming year is to improve our systems to ensure our staff receive the training they need to teach the standards with fidelity.  We must also ensure our students have access to relevant learning materials. To be frank, we expect more.”

District leaders have reinvested in teaching and learning over the past 12 months.  A new science curriculum is being implemented in elementary schools this year, and changes to the district’s approach to literacy instruction are ongoing. The district is implementing an operational plan that will establish benchmarks that will be monitored throughout the year.

“My expectation is that the changes we are beginning to implement will positively impact student achievement moving forward, “ Funk said. 

The MCA tests measure students’ progress toward state academic standards as required by federal guidelines. Learn more about the assessments and who takes them. More details about the 2023 MCA results will be shared during a report to the school board in September. 

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