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Senior named among "Top 20" in Spotlight Competition

Senior named among "Top 20" in Spotlight Competition
Senior named among "Top 20" in Spotlight Competition

Camryn Anderson, a senior at the high school, was listed among the top 20 student artists recognized in the 2023 Student Spotlight Competition. The contest, sponsored by BestPrep and Thomson Reuters, asked students to create a work of art to describe what they want the future to look like.

Students could answer the following prompt with written word, art, sculpture, music, theater or another artform: "If you had the opportunity to re-imagine and create a more equitable society, what would that look like in your world? What can we do not to get closer to the world you imagine?


The Key by Camryn Anderson

The key is simple and clear as day

An equitable society is coming our way

They say this is America the home of the free

Yet out on the streets more people are brought to their knee

The world used to be so black in white

Now there are new colors showing us light

So many people to meet everywhere


Unfortunately there are still some people who would rather stop and stare


We have lost the key to unlock equality

If only you saw the world the same as me

You would be able to really truly see

The key is simple and plain as can be


stillwater pony head

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