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Space Center Houston Recognize Innovative Students

Space Center Houston Recognize Innovative Students
Space Center Houston Recognize Innovative Students

STILLWATER AREA HIGH SCHOOL -- For their Smart Mind project, Stillwater Area High School junior Coolsjes Singhvi and freshman Riddhi Singhvi have been named to the esteemed title of Conrad Innovators from Space Center Houston.

Standing out in the Conrad Challenge competition, their Smart Mind project is an AI-based mental health management solution. In recognition of their outstanding performance, the duo's Conrad Innovators award comes with scholarships worth $2,500 to $20,000 per year for four years at select universities.

The prestigious distinction is awarded to students who excel in submitting a remarkable Innovation Brief, by meeting or surpassing all requirements in the Innovation Stage, and embodying the core value of innovation. The 2023-24 Conrad Challenge witnessed record participation, with over 3,400 students from more than 50 countries contributing to its success.

In addition to the honor and scholarships, Conrad Innovators Coolsjes and Riddhi are eligible to join Space Center Houston's network of Conrad Challenge Alumni. The network provides a platform for sustained collaboration and growth, emphasizing the long-lasting impact of their innovative contributions.

For more information on Stillwater Area Public Schools, follow the district on Facebook and Instagram at @stillwater834.

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