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4/28/22 Business Meeting

4/28/22 Business Meeting

Agenda and materials


School Board Meeting Notes: April 28, 2022 

Learning Session: Middle School Supports for Pandemic Learning
Prior to the board meeting, the school board held a learning session to learn how middle school staff is supporting students this year. Staff and administrators from both Oak-Land and Stillwater Middle Schools shared stories of how significantly middle school students have been impacted by the pandemic. They also provided information about academic, social and emotional supports in place this year to address learning loss and help students re-acclimate to full-time, in-person learning.

At the beginning of the school board meeting the school board recognized the high school’s Speech team, which finished in 7th place at state - the highest showing ever. 

The school board pulled an item from the Consent Agenda and voted 6-1 to approve a contract for Tyler Drive. Tyler Drive is a new software solution that will fix problems with GPS connectivity by installing a tablet on each bus that tracks GPS location, student attendance, provides route directions, allows alternate buses to run alternate routes, and track students to take a different bus than normal. Funding is being provided by the Safe School Levy, a restricted funding source made available to schools to improve safety measures for our students.

Action Item: Approval of Transportation Contract 
School board members voted 6-1 to approve a six year transportation contract and a six year sublease agreement with Schmitty & Sons Transportation at our Lake Elmo bus terminal. The new contract takes effect July 1 and the new vendor will provide bussing to district students, as well as local nonpublic and charter school children. 

Action Item: 2021-2023 SCEA Master Contract 
School board members voted 6-1 to approve the Master Contract with the St. Croix Education Association, which represents the district’s teachers. The new contract covers the period of July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2023 and includes some language changes and improvements to salary and benefits. Under the terms of the contract, the salary schedule was increased by 1.5% in year one and 2.75% in year two.

Report for Information: Second Reading 201.8 – Board Organization and Officers Roles and Policy 202 – School Board Officers 
School board members reviewed policies 201.8 and 202 as part of a second reading. The two policies are redundant, and the policy committee is recommending that Policy 201.8 be revoked when Policy 202 is approved. The policies will come back for action at a future meeting.

Report for Information: First Reading Policy 201.9 - Board Working Groups and Policy 213 - School Board Committees 
School board members reviewed policies 201.9 and 213 as part of a first reading. The policies are redundant and the Policy Committee is recommending that Policy 201.9 be revoked when Policy 213 is approved. The policies will come back for a second reading at a future meeting.

Work Session: Transportation Zone
Following the board meeting, the school board held a work session to discuss the district's transportation zones. Prior to adjusting transportation zones this year due to busing challenges, the district has historically provided busing service greater than the state-required 2 miles (busing all elementary students living further than .5 mile from school and all secondary students living further than 1 mile from school). Adjusting the transportation zone for the coming year could save the district money and help make up for the more than $1 million increase in the new transportation vendor contract. The board will revisit the transportation zone conversation at a future meeting.

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Additional Meeting Notes