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5/13/21 School Board Learning Session

Leaders from Stillwater Area High School and Lake Elmo Elementary School provided an update on the successes of the BARR - Building Assets, Reducing Risks - program. 

BARR is a research-based approach to meeting students’ academic, social and emotional needs. BARR pairs a core group of teachers with common students to form a small learning community. In addition to teaching core subjects, the teachers on each team also help students develop good study habits and practice skills in collaboration, communication and critical thinking. Students get to know their peers and their teachers more personally, which helps them feel more connected and engaged. BARR also provides time for  core teachers to meet weekly to talk about their students’ academic needs, as well as any social or emotional concerns they’ve noticed. 

The high school has been implementing the BARR program since the 2017-2018 school year and has seen significant improvements in course credits earned, grade point averages, and standardized test scores; decreases in failure rates, suspensions, and absenteeism. Last year fifth grade teachers at Lake Elmo Elementary were asked to help create an elementary version of the highly-successful program.

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Additional Meeting Notes