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6/9/2022 Special Meeting

6/9/2022 Special Meeting

Agenda and Materials Revised


Board Meeting Notes

At the beginning of the meeting, board members recognized the district’s theater director Grif Sadow, who received the 2022 Theater Educator Award from Spotlight Education.

Action Items: 

  1. 2021-2023 Principal Master Contract 
  2. 2021-2023 Terms and Conditions of Employment for District Directors, Managers and Program Administrators
  3. 2021-2023 Terms and Conditions of Employment for Tech Support and Coordinators/Supervisors/Specialists (CSS) 

School board members approved agreements with three different employee groups: Principals; District Directors, Managers and Program Administrators; and Tech Support and Coordinators/Supervisors and Specialists.  Each of the agreements cover the period of July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2023 and include some language changes and improvements to salary and benefits. Under the terms of the agreements, the salary schedule was increased by 1.5% in year one and 2.75% in year two.

Report for Information: Q-Comp Annual Report 
School board members received an update on the Q-Comp program. Q-Comp allows the district to work with its teachers union to provide additional support and opportunities for teachers to grow and develop their skills. Funding for Q-Comp is provided in part by the state, with additional local support from a non-voter approved levy. The board recently approved the levying of additional Q-Comp dollars to enhance the professional development of our teachers in the coming school year.

Report for Information: Long-Term Facility Maintenance (LTFM) Report
School board members were presented with a comprehensive list of projects that qualify for long-term facility maintenance funding. Items on the list were identified by our staff across the district and include routine maintenance and repairs to keep our buildings in good condition. Approval of the prioritized list will be requested of the board at a future meeting, and a final 10-year plan will be submitted to the Minnesota Department of Education for approval. Projects on this list are reviewed annually and are paid in part from the state of Minnesota in combination with a local non-voter approved levy.

Report for Information: Budget Overview 2021-22 
As the fiscal year comes to a close, school board members received an overview of the 2021-2022 budget. They reviewed revenue and expenditures to date, and learned more about the anticipated fund balance. 

Report for Information: 2022-23 Draft Preliminary Budget Update
School board members reviewed the preliminary general fund budget for the 2022-2023 school year. A preliminary budget must be approved each year by June 30. The budget is based on a set of assumptions including, but not limited to, enrollment projections and current law and regulations. The board will take action on the preliminary general fund budget at a future meeting.

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Additional Meeting Notes