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9/26/19 Business Meeting

Agenda & Materials



Meeting Notes

The following is an informal summary of the meeting.

The school board recognized Stillwater Area High School staff and the successful BARR program. Since implementing the Building Assets, Reducing Risks or BARR program at the start of the 2017-2018 school year, the overall number of courses ninth graders have failed has been cut in half - dropping from 14% three years ago down to just 6% last year. Ninth graders are also self-reporting less stress and a need for less support in organizational and study skills. 

Report for Information: Community Survey Results 
Results from the Community Survey conducted by the Morris Leatherman Group were shared with the school board and public. A total of 400 residents from across the school district took part in the random-sample phone survey, which was conducted to help the school board and administrators better understand the attitudes and opinions of its residents. The survey asked questions about the overall quality of education in the district, and also measured whether or not the community would support future referendums. 

Report for Information: Community Design Team 
Director Mark Burns provided an update on the Community Design Team’s long-range facilities planning work. The design team held its second workshop on Tuesday evening. Much of their work at the recent meeting was focused on finalizing a vision statement and developing principles to guide the group’s planning. Meeting materials and summaries are available online.

Action Item: Financial Statements FY 2019 
School board members approved the 2018-2019 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, upon which the annual audit is based. The district is required to have an annual independent financial audit and to submit audited financial data to the commissioner of the Minnesota Department of Education and to the Office of the State Auditor. This year’s audit was conducted by Malloy, Montague, Karnowski, Radosevich & Co. P.A. and the district received an “unmodified” opinion on its annual audit of basic financial statements.  

Action Item: Fund Expansion of Brookview Elementary through Certificate of Participation
School board members voted to approve a motion to secure funding for an expansion of Brookview Elementary School through a Certification of Participation (lease levy) upon certification by the school board of a final 2019 payable 2020 property tax levy, which includes the tax levy amount for such Certificate of Participation.

Essentially, the decision allows the district to include the lease levy option on its proposed tax levy for payable 2020, but it doesn’t lock the board into a final decision. The board will revisit the Certification of Participation as it finalizes its levy in December.  This gives the Community Design Team time to consider options for the long-term facility needs of the district

Action Item: Certify the Preliminary 2019 Payable 2020 Levy  
School board members voted to adopt the “maximum” proposed property tax levy for taxes payable in 2020. State law requires the board to adopt a proposed levy by September 30 of each year. Setting the proposed levy at the maximum amount provides flexibility for revisions to be made in the coming months. The board will have the option to adjust the levy to a lower amount prior to certifying the final levy in December.

Action Item: New/Updated Demographic Contract with Teamwork’s International 
School board members voted down a proposal for a contract with Teamwork’s International to prepare an updated Demographic, Enrollment and Housing Analysis Reports. 

The school board approved a motion to table action on the final readings of policies, as well as the board and working groups reports.

stillwater pony head

Additional Meeting Notes