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Assistance when using a school issued hotspot for internet access

Here are some important things to be aware of when using your hotspot.

  • Think of your hotspot like a cell phone with a data plan. You have 2 gigs of data assigned per month that allow for high speed internet access.  
  • Once you have used up the 2 gigs of high speed internet data, your hotspot will then throttle back to a significantly lower speed.
  • Using your hotspot to view video content or to stream music, movies or other entertainment applications will use the 2 gigs of high speed data very fast.  The purpose of this hotspot is to be used singularly for educational purposes.
  • At the lower data speed, you will be able to continue your online learning as email, Schoology, PowerSchool or other online related applications will still work - albeit slower.
  • If you find that at the slower data speed you are having trouble completing your online work, please contact the specific teacher and make them aware of the limitations.  Teachers will be asked to adjust their approaches to best meet your needs. 
    Example:  If at the lower speed Google Meets do not work - the Teacher can exempt you from using that application until your 2 gigs of service renews, or offer an alternative opportunity for interaction or work completion.
  • At the end of your data cycle (monthly) your hotspot will renew with 2 gigs of high speed data.  
  • The school district is tracking data usage on each hotspot to assess our data limits to ensure that we have enough data for each student hotspot to fulfill educational needs.
  • To check your data usage and connect review the following steps:
    • Hold down the power button until you see the “Welcome” screen
    • You will then see the T-Mobile Screen with signal strength etc.
    • Press the power button again for the menu
    • Your data usage will then come up.  It will show you how much data out of the 2 gigs allotted you have used up and it will show you the date at which time it will renew with a new 2 gigs of high speed internet data.
    • If you press the power button again in the menu mode it will show you the wifi name of the device.  This is the wifi signal that you will want to connect your device to
    • If you press the power button again (3rd time) it will show you the password for the wifi network that you will use when connecting your device

If you feel that you are having issues outside of the assistance supplied here, please contact your school’s secretary and they will connect you with a technology professional that can help assess the situation.

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