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Request A Bus Stop Change


Bus stop changes can affect each child at a stop – therefore it is important that all students are considered before making a change. Changes to stops will be considered after a review of the following:

  1. Changes related to safety or medical issues will take precedence.
  2. An effort will be made to place bus stops at corners to provide the best view of traffic.
  3. Students living on cul-de-sacs will have stops assigned at the nearest main intersection.
  4. Students generally are not expected to walk more than 1/2 mile to a bus stop.
  5. Not more than one bus stop will be designated per city block.
  6. A bus driving by does not warrant a bus stop change.
  7. Visibility from home to the bus stop does not warrant a bus stop change.
  8. Availability of sidewalks does not warrant a bus stop change.

Fill out this request if your stop change meets all the above criteria.

You will be able to access your student’s bus information through Tyler’s Versatrans e-Link An e-mail will go out to all registered riders in mid-August with detailed information. Please provide a current e-mail address to ensure you receive notifications.
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